Steroid / Cortisone

What is it?

An injection of a naturally occurring hormone directly into the joints (intra-articular), tendon sheath (peri-tendinous) or around the joints (peri-articular)

What conditions does it treat?

Arthritis, bursitis, synovitis

How does it work?

After injecting it into the affected area, corticosteroids work to reduce inflammation (heat, redness, swelling, & pain) in and around the joint. Eventually less pain, swelling, stiffness and warmth is felt and joint function improves

How long does it take to work?

This varies between different people, but usually improvement starts in 1–2 days. If it is helpful, the benefit usually lasts from a few weeks to several months.

When can I return to work after the procedure?

It is advised to rest the joint injected for 48 hours.



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