Who, me? Yes, you.

I just spent the weekend with a group of phenomenal women to celebrate my stunning sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding (albeit to an exceptional man). As a group of women, we represented all different shapes, sizes, skill-sets and talents, and we all united to support our sister/friend-in-common. It got me thinking that it’s a wonderful thing to celebrate the achievements of phenomenal women everywhere on International Women’s Day. So, how can we celebrate our own remarkable female self, our own unique body, on this important day?

We’re all dealt a genetic card before birth with our body shape and type. But it’s what we do with our body and our life that makes us interesting. Investing in ourself – our physical and mental self – creates the strength of body and character to do whatever it is that we wish for.

Everyday self-acceptance as a woman in any culture can be hard to achieve. I believe that investing in our own individuality is essential to this. Feeling strong and healthy can help us to be proud of the capability of our own body instead of craving for other women’s body types.

So, because we’re worth it, let’s invest in our body to optimise our health and performance. Let’s develop our strength and endurance to handle the physical tasks that challenge us in every day so that we can see how that bodily strength translates into mental strength, self-belief and resilience.

Seize the day because life is too short to let another day or another year pass without getting to know, love and care for our own body.

How can I become a stronger and even more capable woman? How can I improve my health and performance in my everyday life? If you’re not sure how to do it alone, come for a body map assessment to target your training needs. Together, we can create appropriate and bespoke goals for your health and performance in the short, medium and long term. Guilt free. This is not a luxury. This is your life.